Pure-Fit® SIB®

Pure-Fit® SIB® is a smooth inner bore (SIB) fitting and assembly system that provides a seamless transition of tubing and fittings, maintaining complete fluid integrity throughout the system. Quick and secure connections, as well as the prevention of fluid contamination and product loss through leakage, are critical in biopharmaceutical applications. With a patented 360° compression seal, it's the solution to these potential problems.

The unique internal design reduces the risk of tubing being punctured or cut from sharp, barbed edges like those on traditional fitting systems. Because of the smooth inner bore design, it eliminates turbulence (dead space) or stagnation of fluid flow, which creates areas for potential bacteria growth.

Total smooth inner bore (SIB®) transition design
Eliminates entrapment and leak points that occur with traditional fitting systems
Complete 360° compression along the entire fitting system
No excessive voids at the interface or in the fluid path
Utilizes the patented BarbLock® retention and seal system
Compatible with all flexible tubing
Complete customized manifold and assembly systems
Fully autoclavable and sterilizable
Typical Applications
Sterile filling & aseptic fluid transfer
Biopharmaceutical manufacturing
Filtration & fermentation
Peristaltic pump sets
Drug delivery & discovery
Product sampling
Cell harvest & media process systems
Bioreactor process lines

Product Literature:
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Pure-Fit® and SIB® are registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

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