Corroflon SSRC Series

Corroflon is a unique convoluted reinforced PTFE lined hose offering better cleanability, drainability, and is fully kink and vacuum resistant at high pressures and temperatures.

SSRC Series has an anti-static black EPDM external rubber cover vulcanized directly onto the braid for the most rugged applications where the hose may be subjected to rough treatment and severe external abrasion. Also for hygienic applications, where the external smoothness and cleanability of the hose is of prime importance.

Corroflon offers better cleanability and drainability than any other convoluted PTFE hose on the market due to extremely shallow convolutions - 80° to 120°, compared with only 45° to 65° in other convoluted hose designs:

Corroflon is the only PTFE lined convoluted hose on the market to be fully kink and vacuum resistant at high pressures and temperatures. This is because Corroflon's design incorporates a thick section external helical reinforcement wire which gives the radial support necessary to ensure maximum strength, whilst maintaining optimum flexibility and cleanability. The helix wire is welded directly to the end fittings at each end, ensuring security of attachment and electrical continuity.

Corroflon is available in 3 liner types; General Purpose (GP), Black Anti-Static (AS), and Special Purpose (SP) where the convolutions are closer together, yielding greater radial strength to the hose design. See product literature for more information.

Product Literature:
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