Chemfluor® WCSS Series

Stainless steel braided, low profile convoluted Chemfluor® PTFE fluoropolymer hose with silicone cover.

Pure extruded platinum cured silicone cover permits easy cleaning, reduces braid fraying and helps insulate exterior from "burn" potential. Convoluted tubes are low profile, helical formed shape that promotes self draining.

Superior flexibility and vacuum resistance
Neutral to taste, does not absorb color or odor
Non-stick, non-contaminating tube is easily cleaned
(SIP) Steam cleanable
(CIP) Detergent or caustic cleanable
High tensile strength type 304 stainless steel braid

Features & Benefits of Silicone Covering:
Braid fraying is minimized-reducing the risk for hand injury to the operator due to wire braid puncture
Thermal insulating properties are enhanced-Silicone cover has excellent insulating properties, burn potential from incidental contact is greatly reduced
Maintains hose pressure rating-Collar design assures a seal at the silicone cover and more importantly assures hose pressure rating to rated operating pressure
"Locked-on" extruded cover- The ultra pure/smooth silicone cover is locked to the SS braid reinforcement in such a way that the hose and cover flex as one unit with no bulges or creases. Tear resistance is improved due to the tight fit.
Ultra smooth finish produces a non-porous finish to assure sterility and ease of cleaning

Product Literature:
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Chemfluor® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

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