Sani-Pro® Micro Size Tubing Systems

Sani-Tech®'s Sani-Pro® Sanitary Micro Systems are based on the time-proven characteristics of a family of pharmaceutical-quality polymers and elastomers, and have been put to the test by the world’s leading Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Instrumentation & Equipment Manufacturing Companies. In fact, many of the individual system components have been designed to address our client's most demanding application requirements, and guarantee complete "Systems Responsibility".

Sani-Pro® Micro Tubing can be used in a system with a wide range of Unitized Sanitary Ends & Ferrules, Clamps, Gaskets, Manifolds Elbows, Tees, Wyes, End Caps, Reducers, and Adapters. Our sanitary Micro Systems also include Luer Locks, Polysulfone Sight Glasses, Pressure Gauges, Static Mixers and Valves in many configurations.

In-field requirements and maintenance can be addressed with Sani-Tech®'s innovative Labtop Fabrication Equipment. These user-friendly devices greatly facilitate both on-the-spot maintenance, standard and custom micro fabrications.

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