Bio-Simplex™ Sampling Manifold Systems

Economically designed for the single-use market, Bio-Simplex™ sampling manifold systems are available in four, six, eight and ten-bottle configurations, with a 500-mL purge bottle at the end of the manifold. Each individual 60-mL sampling bottle is connected to the manifold with 10 inches of tubing and a Pure-Fit® TC clamp, and features an EZ Top® container closure, a 0.2 µM vent filter (for sterile gas exchange), and a polyethylene cap.

All EZ Top® closures, tubing and the manifold itself are made from animal derived component free (ADCF) C-Flex® pharmaceutical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) resin. The entire system is engineered to ensure an unobstructed fluid path, extremely low levels of extractables, and a secure elastomeric seal between closure and bottle.

Bio-Simplex™ manifolds are easily used with sterile connecting devices and thermal tubing sealers, and come with a carrying tray that holds up to ten sampling bottles and the larger purge bottle. For unique applications that require modification or customization, please contact us.

Designed for single use
Unobstructed fluid path
Extremely low levels of extractables
Easily used with sterile connecting devices and thermal tubing sealers
Available in four, six, eight and ten-bottle configurations
System also includes purge bottle and carrying tray
System delivered double-bagged and gamma irradiated
Typical Applications
Aseptic sampling
Sterile additions
Cell culture

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