Sani-Tech® LA-60 [Discontinued]

Sani-Tech® LA-60 is a premium low-absorption, platinum-cured silicone tubing especially developed for biopharmaceutical applications. This tubing answers the need for a fluid- transport vehicle that would help optimize performance by reducing the propensity for sorption. Sani-Tech® LA-60 has an absorption rate lower than any elastomeric tubing currently in use, thereby making it a viable alternative when fluid integrity must be maintained.


Reduces preservative removal during use
Exhibits lower absorption rates than typical silicone tubing
Tubing structure is translucent for fluid inspection
Great peristaltic pump life characteristics
Meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria

Typical Applications:

Drug Processing
Insulin production
Drug therapy
Chemical synthesis
Experimental procedures

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us to discuss other options for your application.

Sani-Tech® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

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