Bioflex PB Series

Polypropylene braided hose is often preferred to stainless steel in applications involving frequent movement of the hose and less pressure is used. PB braid is lighter in weight, and any broken strands will not cut the operator’s hands. In addition, PB braid is not prone to chloride stress corrosion.

Bioflex PB Series hose liners come in both natural, general purpose grade virgin PTFE (GP - shown) or black, anti-static PTFE (AS). See product literature for more details.

The key feature of Bioflex PTFE hose is the liner design, which comprises integral rib sections which support the tube against kinking, vacuum and pressure, and highly compressed web sections which give a smoothbore inner surface and excellent flexibility:

Today, Bioflex has become the established standard in process fluids applications all over the world, and continues to be introduced into new applications every day.

Product Literature:
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