Pharmaline is a unique, smoothbore PTFE-Lined hose product, based on a patented PTFE hose liner tube design. Pharmaline is designed to overcome the primary disadvantage of currently available similar products, namely POOR FLEXIBILITY.

Although excellent flexibility is often claimed for comparable products, the truth is that they are all considerably less flexible than Pharmaline, particularly in large bore sizes. For example, the force required to bend a length of 1" bore Pharmaline hose to a 10" (250mm) Bend Radius in a U-shape is 77% less than that for its nearest rival product! - 1.8lb (0.82kg) instead of 7.8lb (3.56kg). Pharmaline also has the smallest minimum bend radius.

Advantages Over Conventional Hose Designs
Pharmaline can be used to replace silicone rubber hoses, particularly where the much better chemical resistance and ease of cleaning of the PTFE hose liner is an advantage.
Unlike silicone rubber hoses, Pharmaline can be steam sterilised any number of times, without degradation of the hose liner.
Pharmaline can be used to replace conventional smoothbore PTFE lined hoses in applications where the much better flexibility of Pharmaline is an advantage.
Pharmaline is smaller in O/D and lighter in weight than its nearest rival product because the construction does not include any glass fibre filler layers. The PTFE weight per unit length, however is higher.

Product Literature:
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