Chemfluor® TS/TB Series

Wall Thickness
Chemfluor® TS and TB Series hoses are designed with a thicker PTFE tube than most manufacturers - up to 33%. This characteristic enables superior kink resistance, improved vacuum ratings and better damage resistance.

Full ID Sizes
Not tube size. Greater flow rate per given size. Less pressure drop through the fitting area than conventional hoses with tube size ID.

Inner Tube
Pure Chemfluor® PTFE white or black static dissipating conductive. Neutral to taste, color or odor. Non-stick, non-contaminating tube cleans easily. Steam, detergent or caustic cleanable FDA and Pharmaceutical approved.

1-1/2" Double-Braid Reinforcement
The 1-1/2" ID sizes of TS and TB hoses are double-braided for added flexibility, added kink resistance, and higher pressure rating. Double-braided TS is specified TD, Conductive TB double-braided is specified TDB. Working pressure based on minimum 4:1 safety factor: burst to suggested maximum working pressure.

Product Literature:
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Chemfluor® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

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