Sani-Tech® Non-Metallic Sanitary Valves

Sani-Tech® manufactures sanitary valves for most high-purity fluid applications. Sani-Tech® valves can be used for tank connections, venting, point-of-use, or isolating fluid streams, and are manufactured with sanitary connections for easy installation. Available in 2- or 3-way configurations in polypropylene and PVDF materials in the following designs:

Diaphragm Valves
For use in high-purity water, chemical and process lines. Valves have a smooth fluid path with no pockets to harbor bacteria or contaminants. Fluid comes in contact with only two valve components, the body and diaphragm. These valves can be pneumatically actuated.
Zero Dead-Leg Valves
These unique valves combine a diaphragm valve, tee and reducer into one and eliminate all "dead legs" and stagnant areas found in conventional valve/tee assemblies. Designed to provide a long service life in pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor and laboratory systems, high-purity zero dead leg valves can be pneumatically actuated.
Ball Valves
Rugged, reliable high-flow valves that provide economical, dependable service in a wide range of chemical and high-purity applications. These valves are compact and feature Teflon® seats and seals for smooth operation, stainless steel shafts and trunnion ball design. They can be fitted with pneumatic or electric actuation.
Pressure Regulators
Designed to handle ultra-pure or corrosive fluids with inlet pressures up to 150 psig at 75°F, and control downstream pressure from 5 to 75 psig. A regulator prevents downstream system pressure from exceeding the desired set pressure. The regulator shuts down when the set pressure is reached to protect downstream equipment and instrumentation. As downstream demand increases, the regulator opens to fill the demand. The design incorporates a poppet seat at the valve orifice to prevent sticking and double U-cap seals on the internal shaft to prevent inlet pressure from affecting the sensing of the downstream line pressure. One-piece body construction eliminates internal leakage.
Pressure Relief Valves
A very versatile and widely used valve for high purity water and chemical transfer systems. This is a normally closed valve that will open when the manually adjustable set pressure is reached. This valve is used for the following applications: pressure relief valve, back pressure regulator, pressure bypass valve, and back pressure valve. This valve is available in both angle and in-line configurations.
Ball Check Valves
These valves utilize a long-life Viton® seat and floating ball design to allow fluid flow in only one direction for a wide variety of applications. The unique valve design prevents sticking and chattering and allows installation in vertical and horizontal positions.

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