Nalgene® Series 2210 & 2250 Carboys feature a popular round shape with handles and 83B closure, graduated to contain in 5L and 1 gallon increments. Available in low density polyethylene (2210 series) or autoclavable polypropylene (2250 series), they're an excellent choice for storage and transport of your laboratory, biotechnology and pharmaceutical fluids and products. Wide shoulder handles allow easy carrying and pouring even with gloved hands, comes with 83B closure and neck for a tight, secure seal.

New! Bio-Simplex™ rectangular polypropylene carboys from Sain-Gobain offer design features that allow the user to easily hold, lift, fill, and pour while the versatile EZ Top® cap technology provides interchangeable and leak-proof top connections. Bio-Simplex™ carboys come in four popular sizes and are available with or without an autoclavable spigot.

Fabrication is available for all the carboys we provide. Modifications can be made to the covers or the sides, welded and mechanical fittings can be installed, as well as a full line of accessories. Please contact us for more information.

Bio-Simplex™ Carboys
Polypropylene Carboys with EZ Top® Caps & Assemblies for Advanced Liquid Handling and Solution Storage
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Bio-Simplex™ Ultra Carboys
Bio-Simplex™ carboys manufactured and validated specifically for BioProduction applications
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Nalgene® 2210 Series
Low Density Polyethylene Carboys With Handles
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Nalgene® 2250 Series
Autoclavable Polypropylene Carboys with Handles
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