Fluoropolymer Tubing

Sani-Tech West offers a broad selection of fluoropolymer tubing products that suit a wide range of specifications including: excellent chemical resistance, high purity, mechanical strength and temperature extremes. These products come in straight, convoluted and corrugated shapes.

Chemfluor® 367
Scientific-grade fluoropolymer tubing engineered for higher purity, superior surface smoothness and clarity
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Chemfluor® Con-T™
Helically convoluted PTFE tubing with stainless steel reinforcing coil
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Chemfluor® CT-Flex™
Corrugated FEP or PFA tubing shapes and flexes easily and will conform to tortuous paths
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Chemfluor® FEP
Excellent physical and chemical properties, withstanding low cryogenic temperatures, low porosity and low permeation
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Chemfluor® PFA
Stress crack resistance, excellent electrical temperature-resistant properties
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Chemfluor® PTFE
For highly demanding applications used in a broad range of temperatures and conditions
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Chemfluor® PVDF
Tough, abrasion-resistant fluoropolymer tubing for use with high-purity water and strong acids
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