Pressure & Temperature Instrumentation

The Anderson line of electronic process indicators and recorders includes both 10 inch and 12 inch circle chart recorders and recording controllers. The Uni-Quad monitor offers digital display of up to four different variables in any combination and is directly compatible with any Anderson sensor. Anderson also offers a powerful 1/8 DIN controller in an optional NEMA4X enclosure with pre-piped I:P transducer, for stand-alone controller applications.

The revolutionary AV-9000 prints trends, scales, and alpha-numeric messages on plain paper in four colors. Its unique printing technology prints all four variables in "real-time", making it the optimum solution for critical autoclave and sterilizer applications.

AV-9000 Recorder / Recording Controller
Innovative printing technology features 4-color circular chart recording
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AWESOME 1/8 DIN Panel Meters
Analog and digital panel meters offering multiple control and alarm outputs
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AIC 801 Micro-Based 1/8 DIN Controller
Fully programmable inputs, designed for use on virtually any process control application
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