Masterflex® Peristaltic Pumps and Tubing

Thermo Scientific Masterflex® "Clean Pump" Technology

Besides requiring precise liquid metering, dosing and transfer, virtually all pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, development and production processes demand sterility, fluid isolation, and zero contamination potential to assure a high level of process and product security. The FDA also has significant concerns regarding contamination, including cross contamination of biotech products that could potentially alter the safety, identity, strength, quality, or purity of the product. Validation cleaning processes are required and often time-consuming and costly.

Sterile liquid flow is paramount in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications, which is why Masterflex peristaltic pumps are highly-suited for these demanding processes. Whether it be pharmaceutical products, live cell cultures, nutrients, or bioreactor constituents, Masterflex pumps offer validation-friendly, non-contaminating peristaltic pump systems designed to ensure precise, sterile control and management of flow while providing longer process run periods and reduced downtime – all which translates to process optimization.

Masterflex® P/S Series
Rated for Nominal Flow Rates to 0.9 GPM and Pressures to Approx 60 PSIG
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Masterflex® I/P Series
Rated for Nominal Flow Rates to 4.5 GPM and Pressures to Approx 40 PSIG
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Masterflex® B/T Series
Rated for Nominal Flow Rates to 10 GPM and Pressures to Approx 20 PSIG
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