Smooth Bore Fluoropolymer Hose Products

Typically used for high purity fluid or chemical transfer, the smooth bore fluoropolymer products come with the option of a braided stainless steel outer cover or with a green or white EPDM rubber cover. Many options are available for operator protection, safety and identification:

Silicone Cover to provide a tight, easily cleaned exterior surface
Fire Sleeve to provide operator protection from high internal temperatures and to protect from external heat and flame
Anti-Kink armor casing prevents over bending/kinking of hose and provides abrasion protection for the wire braid
Color-coded silicone cuffs can be provided as a means of identification

As with all hoses provided by Sani-tech West, a multitude of end connections are available.

Smooth OD & ID Chemfluor® FEP Fluoropolymer Lined EPDM Covered Flexible Hose
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Chemfluor® TLCTCO Series
Smooth FEP Fluoropolymer hose, with an "externally convoluted" EPDM rubber cover
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Chemfluor® TS/TB Series
Stainless Steel Braided Natural or Anti-Static PTFE Fluoropolymer Hose
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Chemfluor® TSS Series
Silicone Covered, Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Fluoropolymer Hose
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Chemfluor® TLCT/WTLCT Series
Green or White EPDM Rubber Covered FEP Fluoropolymer Hose
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Chemfluor® CTLCT Series
Green EPDM Rubber Covered Anti-Static FEP Fluoropolymer Hose
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